Best Product Review Websites to Get More Reviews (2023)

Viewing the best product review websites is vital when making educated buying decisions.

Product Review Sites

So what’s the big deal about the best product review websites? Well, believe it or not, most consumers research a product review site before they purchase. Or at least they should!!!

Where Are The Coveted Product Reviews 

Do you read online reviews of products and services before you buy them? If so, you are in the majority of consumers who benefit from the experience of their peers. 

Happy customers buy a product and tell everybody about it. Unhappy customers buy a product and tell everyone and their brother about it.

With today’s fast-moving buzz, social media and nano-second communications we can write reviews and appraise reviews in great numbers, from multiple online review sites and business sites.

Online Reviews are Vital to Businesses 

In the race to find out what customers have to say about products and services, businesses gather and tract such information on their site and on third party sites. 

Reviews tell businesses what they are doing right, how their competitors are doing while improving their SEO and driving up the ranking, click-through rate and sales.

Here are some results from posting reviews:

Important Results From Posting Reviews:

  1. 1
    93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. (Podium)
  2. 2
    90% of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86 percent said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews. (Dimensional Research)
  3. 3
    91% of 18-34-year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (BrightLocal)
  4. 4
    89% of consumers read businesses' responses to reviews. (BrightLocal)
  5. 5
    Other points of interest, include: 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase; 93% of consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad and prospective customers will read at least 10 reviews before they can trust a local business

The Bottom Line:

Product reviews help both the consumers and the businesses!

Buy Products The Smart Way, Research

Consumers Equate Online Reviews with Word of Mouth

You can see how the above statistics help businesses and consumers alike. Businesses get tremendous rewards from consumer reviews and information.

What do we get? We can answer that question by looking at why we read them and are influenced by them. The main reason is trust. Consumer reviews build trust in businesses and in their products.

Trust is a major factor when making online purchase decisions. You can’t see the product first hand, can’t hold it, experiment with it or judge the quality. For hiring specific services, you can’t visit or see the location or meet the people. How can we make informed decisions about products and businesses?

We want to know everything about the products, services that we are buying, and the business they come from. In other words, transparency. We gain more knowledge and better product descriptions through reviews.

Social proof is another factor. For instance, on Amazon, one book, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins has 77,300 reviews. It holds a 4-star rating. 

Video customer reviews and testimonials are growing in status and popularity. Video testimonials can be posted on business websites, your website or blogs. 

With YouTube reviews, presentations and demonstrations we have an outlet to better understand big products and big purchases through the eyes of our peers

How Much Power the Customer Review Holds

Consumers who write reviews, good and bad, speak from experience. It’s a lot of power, but it’s a two-way street.

  • 3.3 is the minimum star rating of a business consumers would engage with. (Podium)
  • A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue. (Harvard Business School)
  • Customers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews. (Invesp)
  • 94% say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business. (ReviewTrackers)
  • Four out of five consumers have changed their minds about a recommended purchase after reading negative online reviews. (Cone Communications)
  • A half-star rating increase translates into a 19 percent greater likelihood that a restaurant’s seats will be full during peak dining times. (UC Berkeley)

10 Top Online Review Sites

10 Top Online Review Sites



More and more businesses ask for reviews. If you agree, they point you in the direction of Google reviews. You rate the company and leave a review. This is powerful and often considered the best product review website.

Otherwise, search the company on Google, click on ‘reviews’ link. Alternatively, you can leave reviews via Google Maps.

Google My Business puts data on Search and Maps allowing consumers to search from any device. Use for business reviews for any business.



Yelp started out just covering restaurants within a metropolitan area. Thanks to Yelpers, it has spread its wings and today is the most popular crowdsourced online review site, for almost everything.

With over 199 million reviews worldwide, it’s attractive to consumers because it reviews local businesses, products, food, experiences. The reviews cannot be changed. Yelp includes a mobile app and Yelp Reservations.

Yelp is the leader in local business reviews with over 100 million reviews online. It uses a 1-5-star ranking system and gives businesses the flexibility to frequently change information.



A review site for eCommerce transactions, Amazon was one of the first eCommerce sites to allow consumer reviews to be posted. Today, it is a powerhouse.

A massive database of user-generated market research. You don’t have to make your purchase from Amazon to benefit, even retailers benefit from Amazon’s posted reviews.

Everyone knows how to post a review here, and everyone refers to Amazon for information.



A major force in the world of online reviews, Facebook is the largest social network in the world with more than one billion users. For reviews, they no longer use star ratings; you recommend or not recommend the business. 

Go to the businesses’ Facebook page, click ‘Reviews’ to the left of the screen, click yes to leave a review, no if you just want to review other posts. Write a clear and quick review and ‘Post’.


The world’s largest travel site with over 225 million reviews, TripAdvisor operates in 25 countries. User-generated content includes photos, opinions and reviews.

The website and mobile app are for comparative shopping and booking all travel-related arrangements. They meet the traveler needs for flights, rooms, auto and restaurant reservations, travel packages and tours. 

Reviews can be posted from their homepage or your profile page. If you can’t locate the business you want to review you can add it through a pop-up window.


Angie's List

A review site for eCommerce transactions, Amazon was one of the first eCommerce sites to allow consumer reviews to be posted. Today, it is a powerhouse.

A massive database of user-generated market research. You don’t have to make your purchase from Amazon to benefit, even retailers benefit from Amazon’s posted reviews.

Everyone knows how to post a review here, and everyone refers to Amazon for information.



As crowdsourced product review site, simply pull up their site and type in what you are looking for. They present the most relevant items of your search and offer a drop-down menu to see all the choices. It’s comparative shopping in one place.

It’s a product recommendation company that shows pros and cons. Full written detail can be accessed as well. You can also click on the product and you are directed to the website carrying the product, with all details and all reviews.


Better Business Bureau

With Business Files on more than 5-million companies, the BBB is over 100-years old and is a non-profit organization.

Within their Business Profiles is a letter grade for each company, based on BBB standards of the businesses’ relationship with its customers. Grading is centered around the companies’ truth in advertising, transparency, and how customer complaints are handled and resolved.

Reviews can be posted on their website; complaints can be filed even if the company is not BBB accredited.



Glassdoor is a great sight that includes employee-generated content. This is a job seeker and career community that allows anonymous company reviews and other information.

It’s a search engine for job openings and includes information such as salaries for different levels of different jobs. in specific locations. It reveals qualitative factors such as leadership, morale and interviews. There are about 30-million users and 10-million reviews of 540,000 companies.



It seems at times that Epinions gets raked over, but check it out. Reviews are in the familiar format of Amazon and you search by category of products. 

Type in the product you are looking for, a list of your product category comes up. Scroll down and check out all the available models. Displayed with photos of your item are a link to its website and the five-star review system with links to the written posted review. Easy to see, easy to follow and easy to post.


Do's And Don'ts

step 1

Discuss the elements with details

Discuss your overall experience including, packaging. Received unbroken? Was it used goods? How did customer service handle problems? Bad service at a restaurant? When, day and time, how, why, food not hot, too long a wait!

step 2

Provide a review from both perspectives

Tell readers exactly why you are happy, not happy or feel that the service or product you received is just okay and you could be persuaded to buy somewhere else next time. Give a view on what the company is doing well, or how they can improve

step 3

Use helpful headlines

"Product meets expectations ..."
"My Kids feel safe ..."
"Safe climbing gear ..."
Expand with details about product quality,

what needs are met, how heavy, what color really looks like, 

fundamentals and basics.

step 4

Use Complete Sentences

"Good headset because ..."
"Perfect for me because ..."
Be specific and detailed and always honest. Was the headset comfortable for eight hours? Did the volume adjust properly? Was the phone as it was described? Was it easy to use or did the screen keep going blank?


Product Reviews Are The Key To Getting What You Expect

Product reviews are king and you’ll hear it all over the web. But they are beneficial to businesses and consumers. We will benefit from companies who improve their product, if a company is forced to have better customer service or are motivated to improve products just based on customer reviews.

Reviews are emotional with tangible benefits. Help by telling what you would have liked to know before you buy or bought.